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avalanche_canada_ast_providerAvalanche Skills Training


The focus of our AST program is on preparing people to make informed decisions in avalanche terrain and understand the risk they are engaging.

  • For AST 1 we spend 1 day in the classroom and 1 day in the field. A great introduction or a great refresher at the start of the season.
  • AST 2 is all about putting your skills, experience and AST 1 training to the test out in the field
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2017 dates

  •  March 4 & 5 – Jasper

IMG_5883This certification course uses the curriculum, instructional materials and student handbooks provided by the Canadian Avalanche Centre (CAC). It is a great way to gain a foundation in avalanche awareness and safety.

The national course standards, the course content and materials are developed by the CAC and delivered by top-notch instructors with years of practical field experience.

We believe in offering this course in a positive learning environment and are committed to passing on the important messages that increase your safety in the mountains.

No pre-requisites except:

  • reasonable fitness (ability to go for an 6 hour hike)
  • an interest in backcountry travel
  • the ability to travel in a winter environment on skis or split-board
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2016/17 dates

  • Feb 9-12, 2017 (4 days)

_E4C0551Bring your experience to the table and learn in the mountains with fellow adventurers.

The focus of this 4 day trip is on applying the basics learned in AST1 and using them in a decision making role.

Photo: The Jasper LocalWondering what to expect? Check out The Jasper Local’s story on a recent AST 2 mission to McBride…and come be part of this year’s story!

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