Updating the Website!

2015 Updates are underway and there will be on-going changes over the next couple of weeks as our fantastic website team digs up the earth and preps for winter…

IMG_2531Photo:  Rockaboo Lodge Renos – Fall 2012

Tester Clip 1

The work continues…test clip.

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  1. Janet Miller July 31, 2015 at 5:22 pm

    Max — congratulations!! This website is really looking sharp!! I am always so psyched to see what members are doing with the permits they buy from the ACMG and I am particularly excited about what you are doing in Jasper to establish yourself. The Dark Rappel is something new and I am interested to hear how it sells for you.
    Two things about your website — 1. it leaves me wanting to know who the guides actually are (that’s you!! aren’t you worth selling too??), and 2. I noticed a typo on your Summer 2015 poster of dates and prices of courses etc offered by Rockaboo: ‘Accent’ should be ‘Ascent’ , which a spell-check wouldn’t have picked up but an editor would have. Is there someone who could do a quick review of material before it is published? 4 eyes are better than 2?
    Hope your summer is going well in spite of the fires and hot days; wishing you all the best success, Max!
    Janet, ACMG Permit Manager

    • Max October 6, 2015 at 7:13 am

      Hi Janet..Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated. I noticed the typo on the poster as well…right after we had printed 30 of them! We will work on getting some info up about our guides, great idea.
      Once again thanks for taking the time to provide this feedback, I hope you have a great fall season.

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