Frequently Asked Questions

Experience Athabasca Glacier

  • Chevron down How much time do you spend at the icefield?
  • We depart town at 1030 and return around 1700. It is a 1.25 hour drive to the glacier from our office, and we will make short stops along the way to point out a few incredible things. The majority of the day is spent hiking, with 2-3 hours on glacial ice, depending on the group and conditions.

  • Chevron down What type of gear will be provided?
  • Rockaboo will provide all technical equipment and safety gear. We have mountaineering boots available for use, but do suggest you bring your own hiking footwear – light hiking boots or sturdy walking shoes work great. We will provide crampons that will work with any boots/shoes.

  • Chevron down What type of clothing should I wear?
  • Please dress for the weather. Due to the fact that we are at a high elevation, the weather can change quickly. We recommend wearing layers that allow you to adjust based on conditions. We have extras of everything, your guide will check your clothing in the morning and supplement if needed. For a comprehensive gear list, please see.


  • Chevron down How much walking/hiking will there be?
  • Approximately four hours, 3 – 10km, 150m elevation gain. Actual distance travelled depends on conditions and the group. Each day is unique.

  • Chevron down Are there any ice structures that we will be seeing – ice caves, etc?
  • The glacier is constantly changing. We have found crevasses, caves, and millwells in June and watched them disappear by August. The glacier itself is in a magnificent setting along the Continental Divide; Your guide will work hard to find interesting features on the glacier as the mountains offer them.

  • Chevron down Will there be any other stops along the way?
  • Each trip is unique, but we do offer several opportunities to make stops along the way to take photographs or take in a few deep breaths.

  • Chevron down How long is the bus ride?
  • Depending on traffic and stops, the bus ride varies from 1 to 1.5 hours. This drive gains 1000m in elevation over 100km to take us into the alpine and the land of the glaciers. The Icefields Parkway in itself is a beautiful journey.

  • Chevron down What is the cancellation policy?
  • Cancellations within 14 days of the trip date are non-refundable.
    An administration fee of $50 will be charged for cancellations up to 2 weeks prior to the trip.  Rockaboo reserves the right to cancel a trip due to low enrolment, guide availability and/or weather condition. If this is the case, you will be refunded fully.
  • Chevron down What makes your trip unique?
  • There are several great options to get on the Athabasca Glacier, including the Icewalks tour company based out of Canmore and by contacting independent guides. Our trip is unique in the fact that we are a daily offer running only 1 group per day. We provide transportation to and from the glacier from Jasper, include lunch, and spend the entire day exploring together. We hope this creates a personal touch and allows our guests to connect with each other and with this amazing place at a relaxed pace. We also are the only company that looks for opportunities to use a few rope tricks to get below the surface of the ice into crevasses and millwells when the conditions and group enthusiasm allows!