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Rock Climbing Fundamentals

The rock climbing fundamentals program consists of three courses designed to build your rock climbing skills one upon the other. The dates are set so that participants can take the courses in succession throughout the summer.

If you are new to rock climbing, you’ll want to begin with the RCF1 course. If you have some experience, you may want to begin with a higher level course. If you are uncertain as to where you should begin your rock climbing fundamentals journey, please contact us.


This two day course is an introduction to rock climbing and a good starting point for climbers that are looking to build a solid foundation of skills that follow the latest international standards for climbing.

Topics include:

  • Equipment use and limitations
  • Basic anchor construction and inspection
  • Fundamental knots and hitches
  • Belaying
  • Lowering
  • Rappelling
  • Movement skills

Dates for 2018: May 6-7 & June 7-8  Please contact us for more info
Price: $275/person
Group size: 2-6

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RFC 2 is a two day course designed for people who have a solid foundation of basic knots, hitches, and ropework. From these skills you’ll progress into:

  • Placing protection
  • Building natural anchors
  • Leading the rope
  • Protection strategies
  • Additional coaching on movement skills

Dates for 2018:  June 16-17 & July 14-15 Please contact us for more info
Price: $275/person
Group size: 2-6 people

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For those that have completed RCF2, this 1 day course introduces the concepts of:

  • Improvised rope rescue
  • Advanced lowering and rappelling technique
  • Mechanical advantage haul systems

Dates for 2018: August 13 Please contact us for more info
Price: $175/person
Group Size: 2-6 people

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