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Our Team

Rockaboo is a team. A team of dedicated professionals working to foster connection with the mountains: mountain guides, ski guides, rock guides and alpine guides that have undergone years of training and evaluation to adhere to the highest standards within the trade. We know how to have fun and foster genuine connection with our Mother Earth, and we take safety seriously. Our awesome administration team looks after the many details required to make these trips smooth, efficient, and an enjoyable process from the time our guests first contact the office.

a man standing on top of a snow covered mountain

Max Darrah – Director of Operations

Max completed a BSc in Environmental Biology in 2001 and has worked in the mountains ever since, joining the ranks of IFMGA recognized mountain guides in 2014. The majority of his career to date has been with the Canadian Parks Service: fire management, law enforcement, and mountain rescue. Max has been guiding in Jasper since 2007, launching the first Rockaboo missions out of his garage in 2010. He recently stepped away from the government and completed a postgraduate business diploma in Innovation and Design Thinking.

Max founded Rockaboo in 2010 and is committed to providing exceptional value to the guides and guests that explore mountains in this part of the world.

Lisa Darrah – Director of Human Resources and Marketing

Lisa oversees the administrative machine that supports the field operations and makes our trips possible. With a background in Human Resource Management from several large ski and hotel corporations, Lisa’s experience ensures a positive work environment for staff and contractors alike. Lisa completed a Social Work Diploma in 2008 and currently works with the local RCMP Victim Services unit providing support to the community and visitors in times of need.  

Lisa is the co-owner of Rockaboo and also oversees the accommodation division, which has been a long-standing part of the Rockaboo model.

a person standing on a snow covered slope

a woman wearing a hat and sunglasses posing for the camera

Marianne Dallaire – Office Manager

Marianne heads up our office administration team and is a positive source of energy to all that work with her. With a background in bookkeeping and finances, she also keeps track of all the important back-end processes essential to a small mountain guiding company like Rockaboo. An avid skier and outdoor enthusiast, she is an integral part of being able to offer the types of experiences that we strive to create for our guests. A great source of ideas, inspiration, and attention to detail, Marianne is helping shape the future of Rockaboo.

Kendra Neef – Administration

Kendra’s background in interpretive guiding allows her to apply her knowledge to facilitating all the pre-trip processes so integral to a top-notch experience, from the first moment you contact our office. Smart, positive, and great team-player, Kendra tackles tasks quickly and effectively. With a talent for social media, Kendra spearheads and manages the online reputation of Rockaboo in many ways. We are stoked to have her part of the crew, and her diverse skill set adds depth to the core competencies of the administration team.

a person wearing a helmet posing for the camera

a man standing on top of a snow covered mountain

Steve Blake – Mountain Guide

A mentor to many on the Rockaboo team, Steve brings a full careers’ worth of experience (probably more like a couple) and a driven positive energy that is inspiring to work with. Certified as a mountain guide in the 90’s, Steve served as the Public Safety Manager in Jasper National Park in an operational field capacity for many years, before finishing his government career in upper level park management and advisory roles. Steve is a lead guide for Rockaboo on skis and ropes, and an unparalleled source of insight into many facets of the Rockaboo operation. He also acts as the Director of Operations when needed.

Jesse Milner – Mountain Guide

There are very few guides with the combination of humour, capability, and experience that Jesse demonstrates on a daily basis. Growing up in the Robson Valley, Jesse comes from the mountains. With an extensive background in mechanized skiing and avalanche safety, you can rest assured his mind processes the messages from the mountains in a way that seems personal. Jesse worked as the Berg Lake Ranger in the shadow of Mount Robson for several years before joining the ranks of the Parks Canada Visitor Safety team where he currently works as a rescue technician. Jesse is recently passed his exam to become a fully certified ACMG Mountain Guide, the highest level of certification in the mountain guiding industry. Time in the mountains with Jesse is always a gift, and if you have the opportunity to join him on skis, rock, ice or basically anywhere, it will be an experience you will not forget. Jesse has been part of the Rockaboo initiative since day 1, and we are honoured and grateful for his continued contribution.


a man wearing a green hat and a snow covered mountain

a person riding on the back of a bicycle

Francois Laplante – Rock Guide

Francois (aka Frank) is Jasper’s only fully certified speciality Rock Guide. Frank has been with the Rockaboo team for 5 years, starting as a Top Rope Instructor and progressing through the difficult training program to become an ACMG Rock Guide. After moving to Jasper, Frank took on the much needed and monumental task of creating an updated guide book, which today is the standard reference for climbers in Jasper. We are very fortunate to have such a talented and well travelled climber on the team, and you can rest assured that he is one of Jasper’s finest climbers and instructors. His passion for climbing is obvious, and he is committed to delivering first rate training and rock climbing experiences to our guests. Frank oversees the team of rock guides and instructors and is a core member of our team.

a man standing on top of a snow covered mountain

Maarten Van Haeren – Alpine Guide

Arguably one of Canada’s finest up-and-coming alpinists and alpine guides, Maarten has been leading guests up frozen waterfalls and lofty peaks with Rockaboo for the past 5 years. In the spring of 2021 he was the recipient of the John Lauchlan Award, which provided support to him and his crew as they spent 6 weeks climbing new routes and living life on the doorstep of Mt Logan in the St Elias range of the Yukon. Maarten is our lead ice climbing guide and our go-to for all private winter climbing. Not only is he is a great person to spend some time with in big terrain, but his talent and passion for the mountains is unmatched!

Sebastien Bernier – Ski Guide

With a background in Special Operations with the Canadian Forces, Seb brings a valuable perspective on effective team management, attention to detail, and a commitment to tasks that is awesome to witness. One of the core avalanche instructors and guides operating out of tracked vehicles (snowcat skiing), Seb currently holds certifications in ski instruction, guiding, and avalanche skills, and is actively upgrading these tickets. His grounded energy coupled with his operational finesse contribute to positive field trips for all involved. 

a man that is standing in the snow

Peter Amann – Mountain Guide

With more time in the hills around Jasper than anyone on the team, we are very fortunate to work with somebody of Peter’s stature. There’s not much Peter has not done in the mountains, and any time spent with him in the mountains is a true gift. With an extensive avalanche forecasting and control background, involvement with ACMG training and evaluation courses, and just plain old fun-to-be-in-the-hills with energy, Peter is an outstanding Mountain Guide. Based out of Tete Jaune, BC, Peter is an amazing man to spend time in the hills with, and his vast experience and knowledge is clearly evident, despite his humble personality. Peter will be available for private guided days and will be chipping in to the Athabasca Glacier hiking program.

Tim Johnson – Mountain Guide

Tim is one of Canada’s newest fully certified Mountain Guides. There are only 208 of these in the country, who are recognized internationally at the highest standard of the trade. The road to this achievement is not easy, and requires sacrifice and dedication. Tim is a professional, and this translates into safety and attention to detail in the field. Tim currently works for Parks Canada as a rescue technician, and we are very grateful to have his expertise as part of our team. Tim is available for private guided days, and is involved with delivering training courses that are second to none. A father of 1, a skilled practitioner, and a great contributor of perspective and ideas

a man standing on top of a snow covered mountain

Brooklyn Rushton – Top-rope Climbing Instructor

Brookly is top notch. A total type team player, and full of energy. She is also a talented climber and a wonderful person to be around. Brooklyn joined the Rockaboo program this year as a top-rope climbing instructor, showing people what rock climbing is all about, and assisting in teaching training courses. Brooklyn has all the attributes necessary to be a mountain guide if she chooses that path. Smart, inspiring, and safe, if you have Brooklyn as your guide you have found something special.

a couple of people that are standing in the snow

Simon Beland – Ski Guide

A fully certified ACMG ski guide and avid paraglider instructor and guide, Simon knows what a good time looks like. His positivity, attention to detail, and good humour contribute to awesome moments in the mountains. Simon is able to make the daunting task of descending into a scary ice moulin seem casual. Being a new addition to the Rockaboo team, Simon’s willingness to chip in and contribute to the overall objective is inspiring to witness.