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Our Team

Max Darrah

Max completed a BSc in Environmental Biology in 2001 and has worked in the mountains ever since, joining the ranks of IFMGA recognized mountain guides in 2014. The majority of his career to date was with the Canadian Parks Service: fire management, law enforcement, and mountain rescue. Max has been guiding in Jasper since 2007, launching the first Rockaboo missions out of his garage in 2010. He recently stepped away from the government and completed a postgraduate business diploma in Innovation and Design Thinking.

Max works as the Director of Operations for Rockaboo, and is committed to providing exceptional value to the guides and guests that explore mountains in this part of the world.

Lisa Darrah

Lisa oversees the administrative machine that supports the field operations and makes the trips possible. With a background in Human Resource Management from several large ski and hotel corporations, Lisa’s experience ensures a positive work environment for staff and contractors alike. Lisa completed a Social Work Diploma in 2008 and currently works with the local RCMP Victim Services unit providing support to community and visitors in times of need.  

Lisa is the co-owner of Rockaboo, works as the Marketing Director, and oversees the accommodation division, which has been a long standing part of the Rockaboo model.

a man riding skis down a snow covered mountain

Radka Hladkova

A cornerstone of the operation, both physical and virtual, Radka works as the Office Manager for the Rockaboo team. The primary point of contact for many guests, with an attention to detail that prevents many wrinkles before they develop, Radka is an integral part of making positive memories. Radka is an avid outdoor enthusiast, often climbing a mountain or two on her days off, and has been instrumental in shaping the Rockaboo operation through her contribution of great ideas and grit to make things happen.

Marianne Dallaire

Marianne compliments our collective core competencies by bringing her expertise in finances and bookkeeping to the team. With innovative ideas and open minded flexibility and willingness to try new things, Marianne is a joy to work with. Marianne lives with her husband and young son in Jasper, and the whole family gets out skiing and exploring together on days off. Marianne covers the office in Radka’s absence and her positive energy translates into awesome client care right from the start.

a man standing on top of a snow covered mountain

Steve Blake

A mentor to many on the team, Steve brings a full career worth of experience (probably more like a couple) and a driven positive energy that is inspiring to work with. Certified as a mountain guide in the 90’s, Steve served as the Public Safety Manager in Jasper in an operational field capacity for many years, before finishing his government career in upper level park management and advisory roles. Steve is a lead guide for Rockaboo on skis and ropes, and an unparalleled source of insight into many facets of the Rockaboo operation. 

Sebastien Bernier

With a background in Special Operations with the Canadian Forces, Seb brings a valuable perspective on effective team management, attention to detail, and commitment to task that is awesome to witness. One of the core avalanche instructors and guides operating out of tracked vehicles (snowcat skiing), Seb currently holds certifications in ski instruction, guiding, and avalanche skills, and is actively upgrading these tickets. His grounded energy coupled with his operational finesse contribute to positive field trips for all involved. 

a man standing on top of a snow covered mountain