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Rock Climbing Fundamentals

At A Glance

Clock Duration: 2 days (16 hours) for all levels

Experience: Beginner to advanced

Check Bubble Prerequisite: Must have RCF1 certification to advance to RCF2 

RCF All Levels (per person)

Rockaboo Rock Climbing Fundamentals

This 48-hour training program is broken down into three different two-day sessions (RCF1, RCF2, RCF3) and is the perfect option for people that are looking to set themselves up safely for rock climbing in the mountains.

Regardless of your background, working with our industry professionals and their apprentices will set you up for success on your rock climbing journey.

We teach the most contemporary techniques and application in a variety of environments.

Rock Climbing Fundamentals – Level 1

The foundation.

Although we receive many calls requesting to “skip” this level, this is the most important course in a lot of ways. We focus on exploring the physics around rigging for high angle terrain and providing the practical skills necessary to get “top-roping” right away.

We introduce the building blocks of rigging – eight knots and four hitches. Once students have mastered these essentials, the more advanced courses simply apply them in creative ways. At RMA, we strive to make complex problems simple through the effective application of simple techniques.

Rock Climbing Fundamentals – Level 2

Progressing into leading the rope safely and efficiently, applying traditional protection, and looking at multi-pitch strategies for success. Students should have a good understanding of current best practices using knots, hitches, and contemporary rigging building code. This course will challenge students to apply fundamental rigging in more complex situations.

* Pre-requisite: RCF1 or equivalent recognized training provided by certified ACMG guides

Rock Climbing Fundamentals – Level 3

Route-finding, difficult anchors, protection alternatives, and more advanced rope rescue techniques. Students should have a fairly in-depth background of climbing multi-pitch rock routes using traditional protection and natural anchors. This is an intensive two days of training that prepares students to deal with the realities of challenging modern multi-pitch rock routes.

* Pre-requisite: RCF2 or equivalent recognized training with certified ACMG guides