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Mountain Skills Training Courses

We aim to apply our experience to enhance yours

About Rockaboo’s Mountain Skills Training

Rockaboo Mountain Adventures will provide all technical equipment for the courses, including ropes, hardware, footwear, crampons, axes, emergency equipment, and any other specialty training devices. Students will be responsible for their individual clothing and are welcome to bring their own gear to increase familiarity. More specific gear lists and logistical details are provided upon registration. Join one of our Alberta mountaineering courses today!

Our Courses

A note from Director of Operations and Owner Max Darrah:

“I am very proud and honoured to be working with quite literally some of the best in the business of alpinism and rescue.

When Rockaboo started, my mission statement was: ‘To pull off cool missions in the mountains with people I like working with.’ I feel very fortunate to have done this over and over again with people that have an unbelievable ability to inspire and persevere through challenges.

I guarantee that our team will provide exceptional value and commitment to making you better in the mountains. Although the mountains will always be generous with their gift of humility, all of our programs are designed to equip you and your team with the skills and knowledge necessary to keep your options open and make good decisions in very real and amazing places.

I encourage anybody that is interested in exploring the more challenging side of mountain travel safely and efficiently to take advantage of this training program.”