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Alpine Climbing Fundamentals

At A Glance

Clock Duration: 2 days (16 hours) for all levels

Checkmark Instructor Certification: MG / AG / AAG

Users Group Size: Minimum of 2

Check Bubble Prerequisite: Must have ACF1 certification or equivalent training by a certified ACMG guide or equivalent alpine experience to advance to ACF2 and ACF3

ACF (all levels)

Rockaboo Alpine Climbing Program

Learn the fundamentals of mountain climbing in Alberta. The alpine climbing program is designed to prepare students to travel safely in glaciated and alpine climbing terrain. This 48-hour training program is broken into three levels, delivered over two-day blocks.

This course is a good introduction to traveling in glaciated terrain and as a review of the latest equipment and travel strategies as per international standards.

New for this year, there will be additional courses for alpine training ascents (ATA), along with alpine climbing fundamentals. These climbs are divided into three levels and designed to allow the real-life application of skills covered in the training courses. These ATA climbs will be chosen based on conditions and group ability, and will give students the opportunity to apply new skills under the supervision of a highly trained guide.

Release Waiver Form

All guests participating in any activity with Rockaboo Mountain Adventures will be required to read and sign a digital or paper copy the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides (ACMG) Release Waiver form.  Your ACMG Certified Guide will review this waiver with all participants before each trip.

To review the ACMG Release Waiver form prior to booking your trip, click here

Learn more about our different alpine mountains.

Alpine Climbing Fundamentals – Level 1

Discover the foundational skills of alpinism – some over 100 years old! Students learn about modern equipment, efficient travel strategies in glaciated terrain, basic snow/ice movement skills, and basic crevasse rescue techniques to deal with “simple” crevasse incidents.

This is a great starting point for those wishing to extend their adventures into glaciated terrain. A lot of these skills apply directly to ski mountaineering, providing great tools all year round.

Alpine Climbing Fundamentals – Level 2

Building on the essential fundamentals covered in ACF1, this course focuses on moving into steeper alpine terrain using rock, snow, and ice techniques. Multi-pitch strategies, efficient transitioning, and terrain recognition are important topics throughout the course. Students also look at more challenging crevasse rescue and high-angle rescue techniques and practice these in the field.

* Pre-requisites: ACF1 or equivalent training by a certified ACMG guide or equivalent alpine experience

Alpine Climbing Fundamentals – Level 3

Progress into leading the rope safely and efficiently, applying traditional protection, and expanding on multi-pitch strategies for success. Students should have a good understanding of current best practices using knots, hitches, and contemporary rigging building code.

This course challenges students to apply fundamental rigging in more complex situations with a focus on efficient transitions and teamwork. Advanced rope rescue techniques are introduced during this course and practiced in the field.

* Pre-requisites: ACF2 or equivalent training by a certified ACMG guide or equivalent alpine experience