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Climbing Photography Workshop

At A Glance


Climbing Photography Workshop

Always wanted to learn how to take excellent climbing photos? Join Professional photographer Jeff Lewis and ACMG guide Francois Laplante with Rockaboo Mountain Adventures. Whether you are a novice photographer or have advanced skills, this course is for you!
In this 2-day course, you will learn specific climbing photography skills such as:

  • Technical rigging for photography
  • Different rope ascension techniques
  • Rope management when shooting
  • Technical camera skills
  • Storytelling techniques
  • Advanced Composition

All climbing gear is provided. To attend you must bring a camera (DSLR or Mirrorless preferred) and have experience belaying on top rope.

Who we are?

Jeff Lewis: Jeff has been a professional photographer since 2010. Excelling at many styles of photography, Jeff is passionate about the sport and has worked with several professional climbers and athletes such as Joe Kinder, Brad Gobright, Evan Hau, and Andy Raether, just to name a few. Jeff will be teaching the fundamentals of climbing photography and what it takes to create amazing climbing photos…go beyond the butt shot. See Jeff’s work at

Francois Laplante: Francois is an ACMG Rock guide who has experience in all aspects of the sport, including climbing photography. He will be teaching you different rope ascension techniques used with different systems as well as technical rigging and anchor building used by photographers to safely take photos up high at the crag.