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Ice Climbing 101

At A Glance

Clock Duration: 6 hours – 1000 – 1600.

User Ages: 12 & up

Star Outline Fitness Level: Reasonable fitness (ability to climb a ladder, go for a short run or hike)

Users Group Size: 2 – 6

Per Person

 Ice Climbing 101 – Jasper in January

Join us for an unforgettable experience of climbing a frozen waterfall. This fun, safe, thrilling experience lets you explore places that are inaccessible to most park visitors.

This six-hour tour begins at our office in Jasper where you meet your guide and get your gear. We then travel to our climbing site: Maligne Canyon, Tangle Falls, or Edge of the World, based on the weather.

Once at the site, your guide coaches you on techniques, safety, and gear. Next? We climb!

  • All technical equipment included (boots, crampons, harnesses, axes, helmet)
  • Wear winter clothing and lots of layers (what you would wear to the ski hill)
  • Transportation is provided from town to the climbing site and back

All trips leave from the Rockaboo office (610 Patricia Street – upstairs). We ask participants to be ready to depart at the start time – we want to climb, not sit around the office!

Where will we be going?

To ensure you have an amazing climbing experience, your guide will choose the best place for the day’s conditions.

Maligne Canyon
Maligne Canyon is our go-to ice climbing area. It’s fun, safe, thrilling and allows you to explore parts of the canyon that are inaccessible to most park visitors.

Solo ice climber climbing up cliff

Tangle Falls
Tangle Falls is most often our second choice. It’s a great place to climb and takes you into the heart of the Columbia Icefield area.

Group of people ice climbing in Canda

Edge of the World
Edge of the World is another excellent option. It’s a local gem just minutes from Jasper with great views of the valley.

Ice climbing in Canada